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Who We Are

In 2011 with six outfits photographed by a student photographer, friends and family who graciously modelled them, and a little bit of money Zari Faisal the brand came to life. What set us apart was our philosophy; to always be different, to celebrate individuality, to be truly free, and to honour the skills and crafts of Pakistani couture artists.

In 5 years we have evolved, and revamped our look and feel a few times. While we started off as a much younger and fun brand, our identity and look has matured over the years. Our target audience is women in their 20’s and 30’s who value their uniqueness and who have a perpetual thirst to wander, travel explore and express themselves.

We have connected with consumers all over the world. It is amazing when we have conversations with clients from different parts of the world like Norway, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, UAE and even India. It is heartening to see flourishing Pakistani communities who like to stay connected with their roots through fashion and lifestyle. The expertise of our craftsmen is appreciated even amongst non South Asian communities.

Our product portfolio and mix is wide; we have casuals, western wear, luxury semi formals and formals, couture, footwear, and accessories. The best that Pakistan has to offer. But we are more than just a fashion brand. It’s our love for wandering, travelling, discovering, and finding pleasures in the little things in life that has really helped us evolve.